About Us / Market Schedule

 Southtown Farms is a first generation family owned and operated farm speciallizing in pastured poultry products as well as pastured pork, 100% grass fed lamb, and 100% grass fed beef. We believe in and practice sustainable agriculture practices and offer the healthiest and most local products available. 

  After serving 4 years in the Marine Corps including a combat tour in Iraq, Matt came home to a world that he veiwed differently than before he left. He learned respect for all living things and that to take care of ones self is not enough. You must care for your family, your community, your land, the enviroment, and most importantly the animals that are put into your care. 

  Matt and Deanna moved onto a small farm in Mahwah NJ when Matt got out of the Marine Corps in 2006. After being given a few chickens, Matt was hooked. From those first 6 little chickens, he launched a small family farm that would help bring new life to land in Mahwah and beyond. In 2015, the farm operations were relocated to Lafayette, NJ and Blairstown, NJ.

  Today Southtown Farms owns, leases, or manages approximately 60 acres of land spread throughout Northern NJ. We have accepted the mission of growing wholesome, honest, and ethical food for our community. We thank you for your continued support in everything we do.